Want to master the first 20 seconds of Your insurance sales call?
imagine calling your old insurance leads and having nearly 100% of those people agree to get an auto quote From You in THE FIRST CALL!
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Agent Neil 

"I'm saving $6,000 per month on marketing and I'm closing more business. This has transformed my agency.”

Agent Micah 

"It's completely different from what everyone does, I've NEVER seen anything like what Vlad teaches. I'm already seeing massive results in my agency because of the training.”

Agent Trent 

"It’s now been a full 30 days since we attended the training and this month we are already at 242 apps and we just broke $100,000 of premium with 31 life apps... JUST THIS MONTH! Results speak for themselves."
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Purchase "THE HOOK" & "HANDLING OPENING OBJECTIONS" Scripts And Start Having Nearly 100% Of Your Old Insurance Leads Agree To Get An Auto Quote In THE FIRST CALL!
The Hook
The first 20 seconds of the conversation are the MOST IMPORTANT PART of the entire conversation! If you can't nail down the Hook, you won't have a conversation.
Learn the art and science of the Hook and get your prospect to allow you to give them a quote!
Handling Objections
"Your price is too high..." 
"I'm not interested..." 
"I already have insurance..."
"I need to talk to my spouse..." 
Learn how to overcome these, and many other objections like a true professional, not a used car salesman.
who is this Video Training for?
"The Hook" and "Handling Opening Objections" Training Courses are specifically designed for insurance agents who sell:
Auto Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
Life Insurance
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