How Top-Peforming Insurance Producers (Who Write Over 100 Policies a Month) Structure Their Day

Watch this video with your sales team to see how to structure your day so that your team isn't just "BUSY" but "PRODUCTIVE" every day that they're at work👇

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Step 1: The Hook
You 'll learn EXACTLY what to say in the first 20 seconds of a phone call so the prospect agrees to getting a quote from you. 

"The Hook" is PERFECT for anyone who wants to call old leads (really... any lead) and quote as many people as possible. 
Overcoming Opening Objections
You'll learn how to overcome each one of these opening objections: 
  • I’m busy and don’t have time for a quote…
  • ​I already have insurance…
  • ​I just renewed/paid for my policy…
  • ​I didn’t request a quote…
  • ​My spouse takes care of the bill…
  • ​I’m not interested…
  • ​And many more...
Step 2: Building Value vs Selling On Price
You'll learn how to get people to pay MORE MONEY to be insured with your agency, instead of staying with their current carrier. 

This step is ideal for every sales scenario, especially when your price is higher than other insurance carriers. 
Step 3: Multi-Lining Policies
You'll learn how to bundle Auto, Homeowners, Umbrella, and Life insurance and sell all of these policies in the FIRST CALL.
Step 4: Cost Presentation 
You'll learn how to present the price the MOST COMPELLING manner possible. If you want to close sales in the FIRST CALL, then your team MUST memorize this step. 
Step 5: Asking For The Sale
Learn how to close the sale in the FIRST CALL by using the most effective closing script in the insurance industry. 
Overcoming Closing Objections
You'll learn how to overcome each one of these closing objections: 
  • I want to think about it...
  • ​Email me the quote...
  • Your price is too high...
  • I want to talk to my agent first...
  • ​I want to go over this with my spouse...
Step 6: Sale Wrap Up & Getting Referrals
You'll learn how to take your new (and existing) clients and get multiple referrals from them now, and in the future. 

If you want to grow your agency purely from referrals, then your team must MASTER this step. 
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